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Great service is good business

It's the year 2019 and incredible service at a coffee shop means offering mobile order ahead to your customers. It's no coincidence that nearly 1 in 5 Starbucks transactions are mobile order ahead, and if you don't offer it you are likely missing out on customers when they don't have time to wait. In the era of on-demand everything, giving your customers the option to order ahead for pickup means they never have to settle for coffee they don't love when they're in a rush.

The new year has brought dozens of success stories about indie coffee shops that are growing their business and better serving customers by offering mobile order ahead for pickup with joe. We took a look at what our most successful partners have in common and came away with  a formula that not only grows your business, but delights your customers as well!

Make joe an ongoing conversation between baristas and customers

Think of joe as a tool that your customers can use to order more often. Right now, they order when they have time to wait, but you'll be surprised how often you'll see them when they can order on-the-go. We've seen partners grow revenue through joe as much as $10K/month by telling all their regulars that now they can order and skip the wait. 

But here's the key: your customers have to hear about the app from your baristas. The signage provided by joe works as a great reminder to customers once they have the app, but to get them to try it for the first time, successful partners make sure their baristas make recommending joe a part of their daily routines. Every time the lines are long or they take an order from a regular, your barista should share that you have a great new tool to make life easier when your customers are in a rush. 

Build trust with your customers

Having the capability to accept orders through joe is just the beginning. Your regulars have to be able to trust that you'll fulfill the promise of mobile ordering in the moments that they are counting on you the most. If your availability on the app is unpredictable or if your baristas don't respond quickly to a new order, it breaks trust and ultimately hurts your relationships with customers. So if you're going to accept mobile orders, make sure its a great experience that your customers can count on. 


  1. Ensure you're online and available to accept orders during operating hours
  2. Have the order ready 5-7 minutes from the time they submit the order. 
  3. Provide a way to skip the line

How do our partners keep that promise? To begin, every barista knows that the tablet must have the app open, the WiFi connected, and must remain plugged in. Next, our most successful partners know the real line starts on the counter with the drink queue. Whether a customer pays at the point-of-sale or through the app, that moment marks their place in the barista's queue. Finally, clearly mark the order and set at the end of the bar. Drive thrus should have a dedicated parking spot and either walk orders out or provide a way for them to walk up to a separate window or entrance to get their goods. 

Integrate joe into your marketing

Once you have the basics down, joe becomes a great marketing tool when used in combination with social media and exclusive offers. Announcing that your shop has the cool new ability to accept mobile orders is a fantastic start, but things really heat up when you offer exclusive deals available only when ordered through the joe app. 

Here are a few ways we've seen partners have success promoting limited time offers through joe on Instagram and Facebook:

  • $1 Lattes deal
  • 50% hot food items (sandwiches, burritos) 
  • Free cake pops or other low ticket items when you spend $10 or more through joe


Not getting the results you hoped for with joe?  Email success@joe.coffee for tips and consultation unique to your business. 


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