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The Goal

Your shop is set up for success, and you announced joe to your customers. So now you're now ready to go live and start accepting orders!  For each new shop that joins the network, we set a goal to earn 100 orders within the first 30 days. While this can seem daunting, this launch program makes that goal attainable, and we will help you along the way. 

Shops that execute this launch program effectively can expect to earn $2k - $3k of incremental revenue within their first 60 days on joe. It is our business to help you grow your business, so we won't leave you alone!

Within the first 30 days, focus your attention on these two factors:

  1. Getting your customers to download and try the app once
  2. Providing exceptional service when customers do order through the app 

Then we will do our part, with target deals, notifications, and promos to keep them coming back for more!  Let's get started!


The Tool - 30 Day Launch Program

Our 30 Day Launch program goes beyond offering deals that your customers will love. Each weekly joe-sponsored promo code also come with tools and support in hopes of empowering you to effectively market and grow your business through joe. 

This post is an introduction into our First 30 Days Series that breaks down each week's promotion and best practices for increasing customer engagement through the app. Each week offers tips and tricks for the promo, as well as social media creatives to share. Take a look at the bottom to download the entire 30 Day Social Media Toolkit. Read on and follow along!


Week 1

Week 1's deal introduces joe to your customers with a sweet deal. This 50% off deal gets people noticing the app and encourages customers to try it out. Your goal in week 1 is to get customers to download the app, then we can take it from there! Here's some tips on how best to market your first promo.

First 30 Days - Week 1


Week 2

Your customers heard about joe last week, and tried it once. But the magic really happens after their second purchase. 

Week 2's promo is designed to show you how important promoting your food options are! Shops that promote their food on their menu see significantly larger ticket averages per customer (upwards of $16!). Read on for tips on marketing your food menu through this promo and kickstarting higher ticket averages.

First 30 Days - Week 2


Week 3

Week 3 brings an attention grabbing deal - 75% off! Post on social media and talk about it in person to really get customers interested. No cards to hand out this week, but we do give you another sweet promo to post on social media and talk about in person. This promo is the dangling carrot they need to purchase once more. 

First 30 Days - Week 3


Week 4

Evenings are notoriously slow for the coffee industry, which is why Week 4's Happy Hour promo is perfect to pick things up. It's always a good day for happy hour, so encourage your customers to stop in at a time of day when they normally would not. A couple extra customers during a lull in the long run will positively impact your bottom line! 

First 30 Days - Week 4


Post 30 Days

30 days come, but don't stop there! You've seen how offers work, so try creating your own! Post on social media, talk about it in shop, and keep the momentum going. We will also be doing our part to keep your shop top of mind for customers in the area through targeted deals and notifications. Of course, if you need any assistance, your Partner Success Manager is here to help! 

Create your first deal

Promote on social media

That's it! Keep going strong!


Download all the social creatives you need!

30 Day Launch - Social Media Toolkit 

Announcing joe - Instagram Photos

Announcing joe - Instagram Stories 


If you're beyond your first 30 days and feel like you should be getting more orders, email us at success@joe.coffee. We have an additional resources like our Partner Growth Program where you can qualify for joe sponsored promos, deals, and additional hardware. We are in the business of growing your business!

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