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Every indie coffee shop runs a little different. Whether you are a one person show or have a team of baristas behind the counter, joe is designed to fit seamlessly with your existing process. Once you've registered and been verified, you'll need to download the Joe Business app on any Android or iOS device and login with your credentials. From there, you have a few options on how you receive orders based on what best fits your business.


In every scenario, the process works roughly the same:


  1. Customer finds merchant through the consumer app
  2. Customer selects merchant location to view your menu
  3. Customer completes order & payment from their smartphone
  4. Merchant receives order through app (iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone, Android Tablet)
  5. Merchant selects "Accept Order" and then "Order Ready" to notify customer of progress



Receive Orders to Your Smartphone



For one-person shows, we offer the option of receiving orders directly to your iPhone or Android. Download and login to the app Joe Business app and keep it running in the background. In this scenario, we strongly suggest enabling a robo phone call so that you don't miss an order. When an order comes in, you'll receive a phone call and a push notification letting you know you need to open the app to view orders.


Run Joe On Your Existing POS


If you have a iPad -based POS, you can download the Joe Business App, login, and run it in the background. When an order comes in, you'll automatically receive a push notification which you can tap to view and accept the order. This option works better for any business larger than a one person operation.

If you this scenario fits best for you, make sure you update settings accordingly so you never miss an order:


  • Go to notifications>select the Joe Business app> turn on "persistent" notifications
  • Turn on "Sound" for notifications
  • Make sure your volume is up on the device


Pro Tip: If it's common to be away from your POS and you want to be extra sure you never miss an order, select the option to receive an automatic phone call when a new order comes in.


Set Up A Dedicated Device


Joe Business app is available on Android and iOS so you can download the app to a any tablet and place it behind the counter to receive orders. When an order is received, an audible alert will pop up and ring until you accept the order. For this scenario you must have a reliable wi-fi connection and the app must be open and running so you must disable sleep and lock modes on the device. If you plan on running exclusive offers, setting up dedicated 5 minute parking spots for mobile order ahead customers only and marketing the app to your customers in store, this is the best option for you.


If this is a good fit for your business, make the following updates to settings:

  • Ensure wi-fi is connected
  • Turn off screen locking
  • Turn off sleep mode
  • Pin the app so that it doesn't accidentally get closed out


Pro Tips: If the app does close out, it's important that whomever is working is able to log back in so you don't miss an order. We recommend writing the login info and password and taping it to the back of the device for baristas to easily reference. If you have connection issues or are worried about missing orders, enable to automatic phone call option in your account setting page.






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